The All Natural Sausage Company

A bit about the company:

‘The All Natural Sausage Company’ is exactly what it sounds like. An Australian company producing and selling Australian made sausages with no funny business inside them. The sausages are made of 100% natural ingredients.

The aim:

When ‘The All Natural Sausage Company’ approached us, they had an amazing 100% natural product and a suitable name. Their aim was to create a brand that would accentuate their advantages in the market and get them into the large supermarkets to dominate the sausage isles with their high quality products.

The concept and brand development:

In this case, the visual brand identity of the company came hand-in-hand with the packaging design and concept as a whole.

The concept and packaging:

Traditionally, when sausage companies create a packaging design, all of the ingredients appear on the very back of the pack in small writing and using food-tech abbreviations. Since ‘The All Natural Sausage Company’ uses only natural ingredients in their products, we created a design that will showcase the ingredients listed on the front label – in large font, and using everyday terminology. Immediately below the short list of ingredients we also added the tagline “…and thats it!” to reinforce the authenticity of the product.

The logo:

 The logo was created with the same thinking in mind, incorporating a graphic element that showcases the transparency of “The All Natural Sausage Company’ and the honest nature their products represent.

Marketing tools:

To help the company enter into the big supermarkets and efficiently communicate their message with resellers, a wide variety of marketing tools was created.




A new website for Auspork

Auspork – the umbrella brand behind The All Natural Sausage Company, had its website enhanced too.
The new website is fully responsive – working beautifully on laptops, phones and tablets – with neat hover effects and animations to bring it to life.

To view the website, go to:

The new design was conceptualised to appeal to Auspork’s wholesale & retail customers as well as the final consumer, emphasising the key elements which are most important to all stakeholders.
These are: quality, service, fairness – and of course – mouthwatering freshness and professionalism.

Desktop view

Mobile view

Desktop view

Mobile view

Since branded, The All Natural Sausage Company has gotten into Coles and found itself becoming a household name in the meat industry. The company is continuing to grow and win awards, such as – The Age Good Food – ‘ Australia’s Best Supermarket Sausage’
Here is a little excerpt taken from the article, announcing ‘The All Natural Sausage Company’ as number 1 winner:
‘The packaging prominently displays the ingredients: lean pork, red wine, ground rice, parsley, garlic, salt, herbs and spices, chilli. And our reviewers responded. “Clearly a sausage made from real life food” ( supermarket-sausage-2016-20160218-gmur97 – ‘In search of Australia’s best supermarket sausage 2016’  by Angus Holland and Nina Rousseau, June 18, 2016).

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