Packaging Design, Label Design, Shipper & Display Box Design, Promotional Carry Bag Design.

The psychological relationship between customers and packaging product design has been long proven and ever growing. To become desirable in an increasingly competitive market, products must surpass form and function. Proper product design must produce an emotional bond with potential users, inspiring a relationship that sparks the desire to buy.

Working on a new packaging design is an emotional craft. At our agency, this process usually involves in depth strategic conversations.
At our Melbourne office, these conversations involve our strategists and the client, followed by internal meetings and further brand research and discussions between our graphic design and packaging product design team.

You can find out more about our creative process by reviewing our case studies page.
This is also where you can find out about how we tie visual language with branding across printed tools, logo designcampaigns and websites.

We’d love to show you why we think we are the best packaging design Melbourne has to offer.