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From our humble beginnings, Studio Rosinger has been at the forefront of innovation. Since 1980, a significant proportion of our customer base has been composed of Startups and disruptors seeking to shake things up. We have been fortunate to work with thousands of new products and Startup companies, helping them accelerate into multi million dollar achievements.

What do we do for Startups?

From our headquarters in Melbourne Australia, we help a growing number of national and international startups develop their:

  • Brand Identity
  • Presentation & Communication Tools

  • Product Branding
  • Website Development & Digital
  • Multimedia
  • Marketing & Sell Tools
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In many cases, the Startups we work with are referred to us by Program-Leaders and Mentors from Business Incubators and other Startup Accelerator programs. We work closely with both guides and Startup personnel to help achieve the optimum results for every project. We see ourselves as an extension of the team and go above and beyond to bring unique and tailored solutions to every junction in a Startup’s journey.

Outside of Seed Accelerator Programs, we also serve many local and international Startups directly, helping them achieve the right results to match their innovation, and connecting them to suitable Startup Hubs and Mentors when relevant.

We have worked in Startups in the following market sectors:
  • Technology & digital innovation
  • Healthcare & medical innovation
  • Chemical innovation
  • Military & defence
  • Energy
  • Environmental innovation
Walk like a Duck. Quack like a Duck.

A Startup is firstly a dream. A dream for its creators, a dream for Investors, a dream for future customers and other beneficiaries, and sometimes – a dream for humanity as a whole. In order to make this dream come true, Startups must be convincing and confident in their perception and communication with their stakeholders.

At Studio Rosinger, we make it a priority to unveil your Startup’s path towards a strong, believable, trustworthy and exciting brand. And since there is no second chance to make a first impression, we help our customers win their audiences from the word go.

Who do we work with?
Studio Rosinger - Startup Accelerators & Incubators Melbourne Australia

Every Startup needs to have the right tools to capture the attention and imagination of its stakeholders. So whether you have yet to name your innovation, or looking a professional brand logo, presentation tools and comprehensive website, we have got you covered.

We know that Startups can face many challenges in their inception, and may require assistance in deciding what to action or finance first to help realise their vision. For this purpose, all of our Startup interactions begin with an introductory (and complementary) introduction conversation in which we strive to learn more about your dream and give you some valuable initial recommendations under strict confidence.

Studio Rosinger - Startup Accelerators & Incubators Melbourne Australia
Accelerators & Mentors

The success of many Startups, and indeed Incubator Based Startups, can be largely determined by the assistance and insights they soak up from their immediate, trustworthy and professional surrounding. We believe our role in the work with Startups and their Mentors is to help uncover risks, opportunities and introduce best practices to every possible turning point when it comes to brand, marketing, sales strategies and communications.

Our work with Mentors is highly interchangeable. We frequently refer our independent Startup clients to suitable Mentors to help our customers further their access to great knowledge and industry professional resources which are outside of our own professional realms.

Studio Rosinger - Startup Accelerators & Incubators Melbourne Australia

Studio Rosinger offers Investors invaluable insights into the commercial value, brand equity and marketability potential of upcoming Startups. With over 40 years of experience in developing Startups and helping them exceed expectations, our professional analysis is highly regarded within the international Startup Investor community.

Our work with Investors is also highly interchangeable. Our Investor connections often connect with us to discuss Startups they have already invested in, requesting assistance in uncovering opportunities for potential brand equity maximisation.

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