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Design Agency Melbourne

Why you need a great design agency for your business?

In today’s competitive world, people recognise you and your business when you offer a unique product or service; and leave a lasting impression on their memory. Therefore, you have to continuously communicate with your target audience and keep them informed about your business. One of the most impactful forms of communication is through branding and digital marketing. Digital agencies and graphic design have made it easy for businesses to communicate visually and build a brand image.

This is where Studio Rosinger comes in as a creative agency that is known for creating a buzz in the business world. From versatile digital design of corporate logos, branding, product design and packaging to online ads, campaigns, and many other creative digital services, Studio Rosinger helps businesses have their unique presence to hold their audiences and generate greater revenues. So, if you are in search of the best design agency in Melbourne, Australia, you don’t need to look any further as we have all the right digital solutions for your business to amaze your clients and “You” with the growth that it triggers with its creativity.

Logo designs are considered as best graphic designs representing the business as a whole.

Corporate Identity & Logos
Branding & repositioning, logo design, tagline development & refreshing existing brands.

Visual Branding & Printing
Stationery, presentation folders, data sheet & brochure design, company profiles, annual reports.

Product Design & Packaging
Packaging design, label design, shipper & display box design, promotional carry bag design.

Online Branding & Websites
Website design, social media, presentations, static and dynamic banners and ad-campaigns.

Social Media Marketing
Digital strategy, social media ads, social media management, content creation, crm integration, influencers & UGC.

Trade Shows & Displays
Trade show booth design, posters & display systems, billboard & outdoor posters, point-of-sale & counter design.

Vehicle Design & Promo
Vehicle wrap designs, promotional marketing, magnets, stickers.

Audio Mnemonics & Identity
Audio logos, sound for ads, jingles, radio ads, narration production, sound identity, music for videos.

Video Production & TVC
Promotional videos, social media videos, cinematic pre-shows, video ads, logo-intro videos, scripts & concepts.

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Logo design:

It is usually the first thing that a customer notices about a business. It is not just an image; rather, it is a message that you as a business share with your target audience. It is special and unique to represent your company in front of the audience. It is the face of your business, and the audience connects and remembers you with this visual masterpiece.

The logo design is of prime importance for your business for many reasons listed below:

The first impression:

The company or business logo is the first impression that an audience gets and remembers, so ensure to impress your audience with your logo design.

Your brand’s identity:

The logo design becomes the identity for your brand. The design has a complete story behind it, sharing about the business and what it holds for the audience.

Embedded in memory:

The logo design is an impactful visual that lasts in the memory of the audience. An aesthetically good logo has the power to keep the audience hooked for a long time.

Hold audience attention and loyalty

Once the logo design grabs the attention of the target audience and communicates your business message, it helps to build a loyal customer base.

An edge over the competition:

Communicate with a well-designed logo and have the edge over all your competitors. Be unique and impactful.


Yes, logo designs are vital for your business’s success and branding. It is just not a random image but a meaningful visual having immense power to build a loyal customer base for a business. Hence, whether you are running a small business or own a big corporate company, you cannot let your logo design be mediocre. Rather, it is the first impression, and it has to be a powerful one.

Studio Rosinger creative agency is the best logo design company. It has a team of graphic designers and digital specialists who understand that logos, details and understanding of the business, which is very important. A logo design should be simple yet impactful with a complete message of the business for its targeted audience. A glance at the logo and the design creates an impression in the memory of its audience. This is what a logo design is, and it should definitely stand you out amongst your competition.

Studio Rosinger is known for the finest logo design Melbourne as the logos that they design are:
  • Attractive
  • Impactful
  • Timeless
  • Memorable
  • Scalable
  • Relevant
  • And lastly, unique yet meaningful enough to grab audiences for long time.


The most common mistake seen today with marketing and branding is the creation of ‘marketing-tools’ that are effectively strategy free. Branding and marketing activity should always make your customers feel something, even before attempting to make them think.

For that reason, with each project we take onboard we make sure we develop a strategy that takes into account:

Your personal points of difference
and what you are about;

Your customers’ profile
and what they care about;

Your customer’s customers
and what they care about.

A strategy that revolves around what makes people tick for real – is a strategy that produces real results.


In today’s world of overexposure to sensory triggers, there are only 2 ways to get an edge over the competition:

Pure Innovation:

Coming up with brand new (perhaps even unexplored) concepts & ways to connect with your clients. Effectively becoming a pioneer and a model for copying by competitors who later “wish they would have thought of this first”.

Do what the others do, only that much better:

While innovation is great, there are plenty of existing platforms worth utilising. Taking existing platforms and making them conceptually unique will seriously help your clients see that ‘special something’ about your business and put you above the rest.

With our design agency behind you, you can be sure that whatever the method, the result will be targeted, thought-through and effective.


A great plan is only as great as its execution.

Having the right blend of unique team members on board means we can successfully execute even the most complex and involved campaigns – making sure we are keeping the finger on the pulse and reacting to the buzz we create in real time.

Our agency professionals include:

Marketing Strategists
Graphic Designers
Web Developers
Influencer Specialists
SEO & EDM Specialists
CRM Specialists
Social Media Specialists
Sound Studio

Studio Rosinger’s way of working:

Operating since its establishment in 1980, Studio Rosinger has earned a good reputation as the finest and most creative graphic design Melbourne agency. It offers bespoke service, which is cost-effective but of extremely high quality.
Studio Rosinger has its own unique way of working as it believes in:


Before it takes on a project, it understands the business and its details. Studio Rosinger builds a strategy before initiating the logo design. It helps to understand where the customer’s business is currently positioned, weaknesses and strengths, current audiences, target audiences and future goals. The strategy revolves around the actual goal of the business and helps to design a logo completely fit for the business.


The major tactic Studio Rosinger follows is innovation. It believes in designing a logo that is unique. With so many businesses offering the same product or service, you have to grab the targeted audience attention first. Communicating visually with a logo that has the power to make your business offering attractive. Studio Rosinger has a team that comes up with brilliant innovative designs to make you stand out from the competition.


Studio Rosinger creative agency takes a project and follows basic steps to complete it:

  • Understanding of the customer business
  • Research and market study
  • Formulation of different concepts and ideas
  • Sharing the findings with the client
  • Feedbacks and revisions
  • Finalisation
  • Studio Rosinger is all about completing projects on time, offering you a logo design, empowering your business to move forward.


Studio Rosinger has been providing an ever growing number of satisfied multinational companies with highly effective branding services and marketing tools. Since its establishment in 1980, our Melbourne design agency has become renowned for its creative thinking, quality service and high level of responsiveness.

We make it a priority to stay on top of the latest marketing, graphic design, digital and production trends.
We are highly seasoned designers and production specialists offering a winning combination of professional expertise and industry-recognised creativity. If you are representing a startup, you’d be happy to know that we have over 40 years of experience in helping new companies, products and innovators brand themselves, launch and optimise their target market’s perception.

Studio Rosinger places great emphasis on the marketing and sales rationale behind the design, offering branding & consulting know-how while helping customers select the right marketing tools and design solutions. We utilise a wide range of techniques to achieve maximum exposure and effectiveness in advertising campaigns, at trade shows, in printed media, at points of sale and online.

We’ve got what it takes to maximise your exposure and conversion.
Let us show you why we are the design agency Melbourne can’t get enough of.


Owen was a terrific partner – driven and committed, the support he provides is invaluable. He worked with me to restructure our website, perform SEO, and supported me in delivering a video series as well. With his consistently positive and sunny approach, he was also a great person to work with!

Ranmali Jayasinghe

Working with Owen at Studio Rosinger was an enjoyable experience, enabling me to build my music career with a great website design and structure to really help promote my business overall.
Owen was very professional throughout the whole process, whilst also coming up with many creative ideas for my website, video, and photo shoots. I would highly recommend Studio Rosinger.

Craig Hobson

I have used Studio Rosinger services recently to create a website from scratch, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Omer is only a phone call away, always willing to help even when some topics are outside their scope. His input throughout the project was invaluable and the delivery time frames were excellent.
Highly recommend.

Jesuina Gaiao

I was fortunate enough to have Studio Rosinger help create my professional brand, logo, and design my website. The team at Studio Rosinger were attentive and took the time to understand my needs and goals in depth. They were proactive and efficient in their approach, and delivered on all agreed aspects in a way that exceeded my expectations. I have no doubt I will be using their services again when relevant, and strongly recommend them for anyone interested in that stands out from the pack.

Dr. Alex Bahar-Fuchs
Absolutely loving the site. We look so professional now!
Lori Wynne

Hi Owen, I just wanted to thank you and your team for the fantastic job you all did on our curved walls. We absolutely love them. They looked amazing at the expo and added a sleek, professional finish to our stand.

Karen Martin
You are nothing short of amazing Owen, thank you so much and please thank your team.
Rhiannon Fitzgerald

We just had our website revamped with Studio Rosinger, giving it a whole new look and feel. Owen was terrific to deal with, providing creative solutions and going above and beyond to deliver. Studio Rosinger has a hands on approach, working with you as a business partner to bring out the best in your business. 10/10 would recommend!

Case Victoria Team

Enrich your business with highly creative graphic designs and logos by Studio Rosinger:

Get in touch with Studio Rosinger today to get the best graphic design services to empower your business. Grow your business and reach out to your audience with a myriad of solutions that graphic design agencies provide you. Your business needs creative digital marketing and marketing materials such as logos, business cards, brochures and websites to grow. The sole purpose of all this graphic design is to enhance user experience, attract your customers and build an aesthetic image of your business that keeps the targeted audience held.

What does graphic design do to your business:

  • It builds your brand image
  • It builds trust and goodwill
  • It is a form of communication with your target audiences
  • It makes your content shine and makes it user friendly
  • It helps to gain visibility and ultimately good conversion

In the end, it is all about creating an impression on your target audience and connecting with them. The right creative digital agencies know how to keep audiences engaged and well informed about your business, and you should really consider their insights.

So, let your business shine and grow in this competitive world by marketing your business smartly using digital tools and graphic design solutions. Studio Rosinger places great emphasis on logo designs and branding to give you the best graphic designing solution to outsmart your competition.

Call Studio Rosinger on 1300 735 456 or email us to for all your queries and to get to know more about the best design agency in Melbourne. We are surrounded by graphic design, be it a billboard on a road or packaging delivered by shops, etc. Graphic design is an inherent part of every business, and you can see it clearly around you everywhere. It is up to you to create a unique identity for your brand, so choose the best graphic design agency to create a strong image of your business. Studio Rosinger promises to offer you the best service in Melbourne, Australia. Trust us for your business well-being and growth.

With Studio Rosinger, you can be UNIQUE, IMPACTFUL and INNOVATIVE – helping your business logo and graphic design speak volumes about your business.