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Logo designs and trademarks form the forefront of your company’s branding. Design them well and they will clearly convey your corporate spirit, business focus and market positioning.
When it comes to logo design – short attention span is your worst enemy. So creating a perfect balance between logic, intuition and emotion is imperative when updating your logo design. benefit from our proven track record in delivering logo and trademark designs that are clear, simple and catchy.

Why bother thinking hard about your logo? And what does it have to do with dating?

Every business’s dream is to have customers swear by their products or services, wishing customers were in love with what they have to offer. Unfortunately, since you cannot (yet) shake hands with a brand at a friend’s party, smell its perfume as it passes you down the main street, or have a romantic cheese and wine date with it, you’ll have to resort to other methods of signalling your surrounding who you are and what your company is all about.

Much like with human attraction, a relationship with a brand starts with a first impression. In other words, if you want there to be a ‘second date’, you better spruce up your game for the ‘first encounter’. In that sense a logo is much like a dating app’s ‘profile-picture’, it needs to simplistically reflect your personality, identity and merits.

Sounds easy right? Well… it is far from it. Just like in the dating world, you will not be the only one putting themselves out there, so dedicating thought and resources towards your brand’s identity is a very crucial step in ensuring your success as a brand.

Additionally, all of your future marketing materials will be heavily influenced by your logo. Think about your website, products, brochures, videos and business cards. They will all need to extract their visual language and identity from your logo. Having a great logo that allows flexibility of application on the one hand, while on the other hand crystallising exactly what your brand is all about will help you place yourself ahead of the competition.

Logic and Creative-Juice

Assuming you want your logo to be more than “just pretty”, deciding what a logo should look like can be overwhelming without the right strategy to back you up. “Should you use a trademark? What sort of typographical work is best for your organisation? What colours work? Should it be minimalistic or intricate and expressive?” And the list goes on and on…

Relievingly, our methodology for creating and updating any core identity tool starts with a brand audit. In this process, we work together to discover and evaluate the different elements which make up your brand. We dare to ask hard questions like “why do you get up in the morning?”, “what makes you better than the competition?” And “why should a prospective client care?”. But we also ask questions about the nature of… well, you!

Through many years of experience, we found that successful branding should take the accumulative personality and nature of the people running it into account. By breaking down your culture too, we make sure there is a direct relationship between your corporate representation and the physical experience your organisation strives to provide.

Aside from that, we also look into the competition, trends, price points, target markets, forecastable brand applications and any other specific indicators that may be relevant to your industry or offering. Led by this well brewed profile and direction, we will put our best foot forward with the right designs for you, taking the hustle out of the process and getting you a result that is actually very meaningful and also great looking!

Tackling a new logo design is no simple task, and often tends to involve deep and meaningful strategic discussions.
Within our Melbourne team, these initial discussions often involve our strategists and the client, followed by internal meetings and further brand research and discussions within our logo design and graphic design team.

You can find out more about our creative process by reviewing our many logo design components on our case studies page.
This is also where you can find out about how we tie visual language with branding across printed tools, packagings, campaigns and websites.

Let us show you why we are the best logo design Melbourne based agency for your brand.