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A bit about the organisation

JNF is a donation-based Not for Profit organisation working worldwide to fund land developmental projects, environmental projects, community-building programs and education programs.

Raising funds is a hard task for any NFP. It involves connecting and managing relationships with potential and existing donors on an emotional level as well as on an intellectual level. for JNF Australia, this challenge is even greater than the average Not for Profit organisation since most of their donations go towards projects in Israel.

To help JNF educate, influence and involve their community in their doing, we have helped them with developing a wide range of tailored communication tools. Focusing their target audience on projects, future aims and ways of getting involved.

Gala Event

JNF’s Annual Gala Dinner is their yearly donation campaign, which is traditionally being promoted over several months leading up to the event.
This year, the event was calling for donations for the establishment and development of an arid town in the Israeli desert called Sheizaf.

Helping the community connect with this goal involved evoking their entrepreneurial spirit, love and genuine care for their families and Jewish heritage.

The event also involved Mr. Ehud Barak (former Prime Minister of Israel) as a keynote speaker, so a serious hype and excitement had to be created throughout all steps of marketing and communication for this project.

Project Booklet

‘Just close your eyes and imagine’ are the words that open this project introduction booklet.
The booklet then goes on to describe the project in detail, leaving a lot of room for the readers to find themselves in it, focusing on their ability to make a change.

Adding ‘future building’ illustrations over the town’s photography was one of the key methods used to emphasise JNF’s plan for the region. It visualised the dream that the donors could take part in fulfilling.

Dynamic Email Tools

Adding this Dynamic Email Signature to the bottom of JNF outgoing email communications was another tool developed to raise awareness to the gala event and visualise the project.

Static Email Tools

‘Save The Date’ email add-on was developed for emails and e-newsletters.

Printed Communications

Further printed and digital communication tools were developed and mailed out to continue informing about the project, the gala event, the speakers participating and the donation pledge.

Printed Communications

Website Design, Development and Programming

JNF Australia - studio website design melbourne Studio Rosinger2
JNF Australia - studio website design melbourne Studio Rosinger2


Giveaway Donation Box

Pull Up Banners

Media Wall

Special fabric taut media wall was designed and manufactured to provide a backdrop for guest photography.


Event Brochures

Gold Patrons

Green Sunday Poster

Green Sunday Letter

JNF Children Educational Video

JNF Children Activity Book

JNF Character Mascot

Jewish New Year Card

Customisable Mother’s Day Certificate

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