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Operating since 1996, WebbAir is at the cutting edge of machine control and innovative safety systems. They have been reliably implementing their unique solutions into excavators and heavy vehicles on a wide range of projects and applications all around Australia.


WebbAir wanted to reach the market from a more professional angle, achieving a professional identity to match the high quality of their services. They wanted to generate an identity that resonates with being at the “cutting edge” of a technological, construction-automotive industry. Due to the nature of their business, they also wanted to be associated with safety and trust-worthiness.

Logo Design


Overall the colours chosen are all about modernisation, trust, utility, and capability.

  • The old yellow was converted to green to provide a more “cutting edge” and “technologically attuned” atmosphere. This selection will also achieve better readability across screen and print displays. The green chosen is associated with advanced technology, being up to date with the latest trends, as well as renewing, improving and growing.
  • Aside from being tied to WebbAir’s brand heritage, the dark blue chosen is associated with respect, experience, trust, professionalism.
  • We also developed a ‘negative colour’ for the logo, to maximise visibility on darker backgrounds.


  • The shape designed resembles (and subconsciously connects) with the “foot-prints” typical of an excavator track-chain, immediately putting the logo into the industry context.
  • The slanted design of the lines gives an added layer of “forward thinking” for the organisation.
  • The trademark is made of the letters W and A – which spells the initials of “WebbAir”


The fonts created further derived from the trademark shape, and further developed to strengthen and support the brand identity in both colour and shape.


The visual arrangement of the different elements of the logo is ideal for both online, print, and product design applications.


The tagline developed, focused on bringing WebbAir’s key features and message to the forefront.
The chosen tagline is:

“Protecting your people
Protecting your plant
Protecting your infrastructure”

Using this tagline in a variety of applications, will ensure that the brand provides a crystal clear indication as to what WebbAir does for their clients.

  • The opening word “protecting” immediately clarifies what WebbAir does.
  • The connection word “your” shows WebbAir’s focus on the client, their individual needs, and their ability to customise solutions to help their many different customers.
  • The closing words “People”, “Plant” and “Infrastructure” indicate who WebbAir would like to address – any construction business who cares for the wellbeing of their people, plant or infrastructure.

In a way, the tagline also functions as a call for action – encouraging anyone in the industry to take a closer look at their safety systems.


  • Creating a website that looks and feels modern was a very important step in achieving a brand identity that is all about representing “the latest technological innovations”. The new website was designed as an “expandable interest” website – allowing users to explore and learn about what is relevant to their particular circumstances, without being overwhelmed with a heap of potentially esoteric data.
  • At the same time, the new site offers great depth and quality information – while consistently encouraging users to “take action” and start a relationship with WebbAir.
  • To further maximise the brand’s identity, the brand colours and trademark are strongly embedded within the design.
  • Suitable images were curated, edited and embedded across the site to help maximise the messages of each section.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding was designed to support further awareness to the brand across worksites, delivery locations and corporate meetings.

Vehicle Branding & Design studio rosinger

Start-Up Device Screen

A device screen design was created to further embed WebbAir’s brand identity with customers and users on an ongoing basis.

Business Card & Letterhead

Vehicle branding was designed to support further awareness to the brand across worksites, delivery locations and corporate meetings.

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