A bit about the company:

LycoRed is one of the world’s most innovative companies to research, develop, produce, market and sell tomato-derived natural food pigments, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Rebranding Aim:

To consolidate the properties of the company on its different divisions and to diffranciate them from the competition.
To create a united language that will emphasise and cement the advancement and establishment of the company as a strong and developed global brand.

Guidelines for branding:

1. Representing the company as a global player of quality solutions;
2. Accentuating the physical advantages of the company: proven technology and experience, a wide variety of products and solutions, research and development, global capabilities and accessibility, practical experience, prompt and timely servicing;
3. Embedding the company’s intangible value: credibility, stability, partnership – with focus on long-term relationships and innovation.

LycoRed’s logo at time of rebranding:

This logo, along with the branding guidelines we developed with the client, guided us in consolidating their brand and creating marketing tools to fit LycoRed’s strategy and products through the years.

Visual language – Colours:

The colour language had to be derived from the existing colour language in the logo (to retain brand recognition) with more saturated and lighter tones. Recommended in combination with a graphic element in the background to serve as texture.

The Messages:

Embedding keywords such as ‘innovation’, ‘commitment’, ‘focus’, ‘know-how’ and ‘flexible’ in the developed image tools.

Corporate identity tools developed:
(letterhead, envelope and business card).

Printed marketing tools:
(Folders and Company Profile)

Informative printed marketing tools: (Info Flyers)

Website Design & Development

Technical printed marketing tools: (Info Flyers)

Image and selling tools: (posters and ads)

Image and selling tools: (posters and ads)

Digital Marketing Tools: (Templets and Presentations)

Digital Marketing Tools: (Banners)

Digital Marketing Tools: (Banners)

Branded Uniforms

Promo Cup Giveaway

A few final words:

Every day, a company must ‘stand in front of the mirror’, remember that it is on a constant courting and attraction journey and that it is constantly examined by its customers and competitors.

At Studio Rosinger, we agree with this philosophy and implement it, day in and day out.

Commitment towards developing and looking after our customers and their values is our top priority.