A bit about the organisation

Freezo is a solution provider serving the food service and restaurant industries in Australia and around the world.
Specialising in cold desserts and their creation, Freezo offers a combination of product development and supply, dessert menu creation, equipment sales, maintenance and repairs. Aside from their cold dessert solutions, Freezo now also offer warm dessert solutions, coffee, topping, dispenser systems and much more.

Logo Design & Tagline

Freezo logo design melbourne studio rosinger


Freezo wanted to hit the market harder and open new doors with a fresh new look, sharper identity and tailored messaging.
With a plan in place to take a bigger bite out of the pie and capture the attention of larger groups, a brand identity was developed to showcase Freezo’s new focus as the complete solution to dessert creation, service and supply (not just a soft serve machine supplier/repair company anymore).

Since the original branding focused heavily on the technical supply and repair of soft serve machines, a new logo and tagline were developed.

The symbol  in the logo combines a few crucial elements:
1. To naturally continue from the previous brand identity (without eradicating it completely), the orange colour was to be kept;
2. The ‘F’ shaped cone stands for ‘Freezo’ and cleverly presents the familiar orange tone in a new light and relating to cold desserts;
3. To contrast the orange and add another element of ‘breeziness’ vibes, a royal blue colour was chosen. While giving another element of ‘cool’ this colour is perfect for showing a stronger large corporate suitability;
4. The love heart-shaped soft serve above the ‘F’ reinforces the cone and cold desserts’ identity and, at the same time, provides an insight into Freezo’s unique corporate culture of caring and tailoring solutions and approach to suit the client’s needs;
5. The same key focus was reinforced through the Tagline developed – Created With Warmth.

Unique Icons Design

To open clients and potentials to Freezo’s 3 main focus areas, additional icons were developed and aligned to the new branding.

Website Design & Development (desktop)

Website Design (mobile)

Social Media Campaign

Product Brochures & Custom Presentation Folder Design

Product Brochures & Custom Presentation Folder Design

Conversation Starter Pop Up Mailer

Branded Label Design

Business Card Design

Email Signature Design

Letterhead Design

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