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A Bit About The Organisation

Brekkie is a food manufacturing brand, specialising in alternative-grain and non-allergenic foods. They wanted to hit the ground running with their new sugar-free chocolate-flavoured breakfast cereal, achieving a unique brand and getting the market excited and hooked!

The Challenge

Introducing such a product into the market can be quite challenging, mostly because there is an ever growing competition in the non-allergenic and sugar-free foods. Additionally, for many years food manufacturers have been branding non-allergenic and sugar-free foods as health choices, making it challenging to create a brand identity that is all about the special fit of the product to consumers with dietary limitations.

Naming & Logo Design

To help this product fit well into the local Australian market, our copywriting team has come up with the name Brekkie.
This Aussie-sounding abbreviation immediately puts the focus on the locally made nature of the product.
This abbreviation also brings with it a lighter mood, focusing on the fun and delicious aspects of the product first – making sure audience notice the amazing product quality and great flavour and not just the fact that its a highly agreeable and non-allergenic food item.

The Opportunity

Through our research and rich market experience, we’ve observed that almost all alternative-grain and special-dietary foods (over the past 20 years or so) have been pushing almost exclusively their products’ “health benefits” – often to the extent of making the buyer feel limited, essentially making buyers feel like patients rather than product lovers.

This observation has led to a very important realisation – all people (no matter their dietary requirements) want to buy and eat foods that make them feel good. And since feeling good about food product starts in the mind of the purchaser (long before the food has the chance to reach their digestive system), the branding and marketing directions were chosen to reflect this logic: putting the attention on the emotional reasoning first (getting people excited about a delicious product) and then appealing to logical reasoning (helping targets discover that this product, in all its glory, can also be safely consumed by people with dietary restrictions).

In other words, the direction became all about presenting this special product as a yummy food, and not as an anti-starvation medicine.

Packaging Design

Considering the opportunity at hand, creating young and vibrant packaging was a big focus in this project.

  • We used unique and bold colour schemes, to maximise shelf presence and be as enticing as possible;
  • We have given a lot of space for the product to shine through, helping buyers see the fun and delicious side of this product;
  • By giving room to some of the key dietary features on the front, we made sure that any shopper with special dietary requirements could easily identify the product suitability to their diet, without deterring other potential buyers.

Launch Ads

A large part of making a big splash with a new brand, is letting the world know about it!
Considering the product, the wide target market and branding approach taken, a series of short social media videos and posts were created.

In these videos we focused on:

  • Immediately grabbing audience attention with unique animation graphics and styling;
  • Incorporating young, funky and highly identifiable characters to showcase the young and fun approach of the brand;
  • Using a youthful-Aussie, quirky and unique voice-actor and audio post-production to lead the campaign, giving audience even more “identity points” to connect with;
  • Incorporating memorable play-on-words and humor which directly connects to the main brand message, which is a focus on the product being delicious and fun, not just suitable for “limited” dietary requirements;
  • Utilising a second character in each ad (in the white shirt), painting the product as “desirable” by others, not just by people with “limited” dietary requirements;
  • Signing off each ad with key dietary and health advantages, immediately followed by the tagline ‘Bloody Delicious’ – once again giving the brand a unique Aussie spin (using the word ‘Bloody’ in a positive manner), and bringing the focus back to the delicious side of the product to ensure the final message is not cold or too technical.

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