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LycoRed A bit about the company: LycoRed is one of the worlds most innovative companies to research, develop, produce, market and sell tomato-derived natural food pigments, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Rebranding Aim: To consolidate the properties of the company on its different devisions and to dirfranciate them from the competition. To create a united language that will emphasise and cement the

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Acland Street Village

Acland Street Village Inspired by the major street renovations Acland Street (in St. Kilda, Melbourne) has seen between March 2016 - November 2016, a group of local business owners called ‘Acland Street Village’ has involved us in conversations regarding the marketing of the new space and the businesses within it. In an effort to ride and guide the new changes to the street and

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The All Natural Sausage Company

The All Natural Sausage Company A bit about the company: ‘The All Natural Sausage Company’ is exactly what it sounds like. An Australian company producing and selling Australian made sausages with no funny business inside them. The sausages are made of 100% natural ingredients. The aim: When ‘The All Natural Sausage Company’ approached us, they had an amazing 100% natural product and a

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